Phoenix Constant Force Cartridge Brush Holder

US Patent No. 6,731,042
Foreign Patents Obtained

The Phoenix Constant Force Cartridge Brush Holder® is a “first of a kind” brush holder offering the traditional benefits of a cartridge style brush holder with the added advantages of a constant force spring. You benefit from the easy and convenient assembly, externally replaceable brushes, extremely tight tolerances, uniform brush wear, substantially longer brushes, accurate spring pressure and superior commutation.
A significantly longer brush in the same amount of space delivers more than double the brush life resulting in less frequent brush replacement.
Even, constant brush wear ensures superior commutation and less arcing.
Accurate spring pressure results in better motor performance for more consistent, trouble-free motor use.
The Phoenix Constant Force Cartridge Brush Holder ® provides a consistent high force over the entire life of the brush. With compression springs, you are required to specify a wide range of acceptable spring pressures. Now the Phoenix Constant Force Cartridge Brush Holder ® allows you to pick the optimal spring force with precision and delivers predictable, optimal force for superior motor performance over the extended life of the brush.

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